Hi, I am Jennie.

Designer (Visual and UX) | Content Management & Creator |
Podcast Founder and Host at “Have a Little Insight”. 

I am also a Passionate Environmentalist, Vegetarian and Theatre Lover.

Past: Self Employed Print Designer, Writer, Photographer and Video Editor. 
Present: Just launched the first episode of season 2 of my podcast “Have A Little Insight” & learning about design sprints.
Future Ambitions: Tackle problems related to our environmental crisis, mental health and build a movement of kindness and compassion. 

My Work

I am a big idea person who excels at connecting with people and bridging divides, whether that be on a social or technological spectrum.
I have extensive knowledge when it comes to in-person experiences and building emotional connections that generate positive ROI and product loyalty. I work best in small business and startup settings where creativity and ingenuity are encouraged and nurtured.  

Motivations For Eco-Friendly Living

UX Design/Mobile App Design

There is not question we are facing an environmental crisis. I set out to discover what people’s barrier’s are towards eco-friendly actions and how they might be motivated to live a greener lifestyle?

Have A Little Insight Podcast

Founder/Project Management

On my podcast, my co-host and I address challenging social issues in the hopes of expanding our understanding and in turn driving greater acceptance, kindness and compassion.