Hi, I am Jennie!

I believe that big ideas combined with just the right amount of risk is the sweet spot where brilliance is created.

I have been able to work with some incredible business owners over the years, with unique businesses that are focused on personal transformation and life-enriching experiences.

I have worked with a whale watching company, an in-home personal training and fitness company and most recently for a national sport organization at Skate Canada where I captured the content rink side at world championship events.

You started your business full of passion, drive and ambition to bring your unique idea and brilliance to the world. Nothing could stop you. I am here to help you bring that fire and spark back into your business again and transform your reach, audience and overall digital presence and strategy.

I’ll help you brainstorm ideas, identify goals and develop a plan to carry them over the finish line. My clients come to me to troubleshoot for them when they are just starting out or stuck and count on me to bring clarity to the situation.

I am an idea generator on a mission to help entrepreneurs, creatives and change makers break out of the box that is confining them so they can finally hit the goals they have always dreamed of.

In this new digital age, the world is constantly changing and can feel difficult to keep up with. What worked a few months ago, does not work anymore. Creative thinking involves constantly finding new approaches to reach and connect with your audience. This means it is more important than ever to think about how you are showing up digitally or it can quickly become outdated.


  • As the Digital Content Editor at Skate Canada I develop the concepts, produce, direct and edit video content for live streams with over 250K viewers and social media channels with over 150k subscribers. I also assisted in taking our TikTok from inception to 100K+ in just 8 months and initiated the user-generated content strategy that we still use to this day.
  • At Stubbs Island Whale Watching, I led all of our digital media strategies. This included the introduction of video promotions, a youtube channel and the activation of Instagram in 2016. I transformed our sightings report into a report dominated by video and photos, which increased our website traffic, engagement and sales.
  • At Fitness For Freedom, if the owner dreamed it, I helped create it. This included building on an online personal training platform, producing and editing a podcast before podcasts were “the thing”, as well as creating video promotions. If there was a will at this company, I found the way.

At the end of the day, I am fully committed to the team and work to exceed expectations. Working with me is an experience well suited for people ready to take a chance, get creative, think big and make some real changes.

when you believe in your brilliance anything can be accomplished, but you have to try first and if you are going to try, you might as well go big.

Let’s Work Together!

I will be there with you 100% because creating things alone can be challenging and sometimes we need that exterior lens to take things to a new level.

I also believe in meaningful work and there is way more to working than just a paycheque. Let’s bring more balance to your life, more joy to your work life and get you out of the grind of sitting in traffic and spend your morning building your aspirations and sipping coffee instead.

Let’s Build Your Dream

Hire the ultimate team player

I help my clients come up with solutions and get things done!  I tackle challenges with you and help you realize what’s possible.