Listening To Your Compass

Life is so intricate. It’s delicate like us, and if you’re listening it can move you even in the littlest of moments. Take a look around for just a moment and look at everything that influences your day, your month, your year and your life. Can you hear the whispers?

We all feel them in different ways, for me, it’s like I need a moment to check my breath when something is just the right amount of scary and exciting. When I am really moved emotionally my arm hurts. Just my left one right in the middle of my bicep. It’s like an ache that is so deep it’s not even palpable except inside me. When I am anxious my chest tightens and I have a strong desire to run. When I am really happy and joy-filled I feel like there is a warm flood or wave of energy happening inside me that is just filling me up.

Can you feel it? The intricacies that are guiding you? Telling you what feels good, telling you to conquer your fears, push for your dreams, take risks for love? They are different for all of us and it takes time to know yourself and does not happen overnight.

Small things add up and create a really beautiful life. Who we are, who we invite in, the work we do, all of these things weave together to create a masterpiece. The masterpiece of you.

We are all intricate and far more delicate than we like to let others believe, but when we can reveal that to each other, that is when things really bloom. When we show our vulnerability, remove our masks, expose just how delicate we are, allowing ourselves to be broken and conversely to thrive, this is the edge. It is scary, exciting, and daunting. It calls to us.

Should I jump?

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