My Favourite Time Of Day

This is my favourite time of day. Like the stillness on a lake at sunset, there is nothing to interrupt it. Everyone is sleeping, so there are no phone calls, no people to visit or problems to solve. No crying kids or dogs to walk, no chores to be done. There is only one thing to do, enjoy the quiet.

Sit and listen to your loved ones sleep. Dive deep into your favourite book or just relax, sit and enjoy your tea because more than any other time of day, this is all there is to do in the middle of the night. That is unless you are actually sleeping. Or, you’re up to no good.

There are no ripples, no rackets, no schedule to keep. There is just something utterly calming, renewing and introspective about the night. About the darkness, about the fact that the majority of the world is at rest. That you truly have all the time you want to just be you. To take in the beauty of the night sky, the light of the moon bouncing off the clouds, the crispness in the air as Fall is quickly changing to Winter.

The tiredness helps I find. It helps with the centreing, the quiet, the stillness that we starve for in this over ambitious, hyperactive paced world we live in day to day. Once upon a time we got Sunday’s, when everything was closed and there was no pressure to complete things or continue to work, but capitalism stole that and now all we have are late nights and early mornings. These are the new sacred times.  

Late nights, with hot tea, nowhere to be and time. Time to slow down and meet your own pacing. Time to turn off and reflect. Time to breathe. Time to listen to the small sounds you can only hear when there is nothing to listen to. This is when you can hear the cricks and the cracks in the floor, the clock ticking and the wind howling outside. You can take in the beauty of your baby breathing and the joy of watching your loved ones sleep. Completely safe, innocent and at peace. There is a vulnerability in sleeping people that makes them remarkable to watch, with a child like innocence to them.

There is something special about the peacefulness that only comes with this time of day. I love the night. The darkness, the quiet, the peace, it’s my favourite time of day.

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