“We needed a poster and one fast.  The moment we asked Jennie, she went right to work. She designed a professional poster that did a great job of representing the tone of our film. She asked all the right questions, provided us with a few alternatives, and got us the finished product with time to spare.”

Chris Griffin

producer - angry bear films

“Jennie is a force of nature and an unreal addition to any team. She is organized, passionate and talented at what she does. She has the ability to go above and beyond, not only with her work but for the people she works with. Her energy is contagious and she is a joy to spend the day working with.​”

Alex McDonald

Naturalist - Stubbs Island Whale Watching

“Jennie did a wonderful job working on my project. She was great at communicating, produced a high quality product and delivered it on time. Highly recommended!”

Steve Guarino

Life Coach and Meditation Guide

“I know very few people who are as motivated and dedicated as Jennie. She’s a real team player, taking initiative to help others whenever she can. Holding everyone’s best interests at heart, Jennie isn’t afraid to ask questions, address concerns or speak up on behalf of others. Her sharp eye for details amazes me, and never loses sight of the bigger picture. Inherently curious, Jennie strives not only to continue to grow herself but to help those who surround her in their own personal and professional development. An absolute all-star of a human being, I have absolutely no doubt Jennie will bring value to any team with the possibility of becoming a vital lynchpin of any operation.”

Taylor Bond

Milestones Bar and Grill

“Jennie is amazing! She was professional, responsive, and attentive to detail, and to boost, she was easy to talk to on a personal level which kept me motivated despite my anxieties about launching. Very solution-oriented, Jennie helped me work through questions including those I didn’t know I needed to answer; that’s where her thoughtfulness and experience really came in handy. I highly recommend Jennie!”

Louise K. Meyer

Reiki Coach and INtuitive Consultations