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Not that long ago our staff was just beginning to arrive. They trekked the boardwalk, their bags full and eager for the season ahead. The Cove was quiet in those days, much like it is now. Hard to imagine, walking around today, that just six weeks ago this place was packed. The boardwalk was bustling with guests from destinations around the world. You could see them relaxing by their cottages or, in the lounge chairs on the boardwalk with a cold beverage. They were boarding the Lukwa and Kuluta to adventure out into the wild. With tours at 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm and 530pm. This place was busy!

Breaching Humpback Whale. Photo credit: Leonie Mahlke

Now this summer hot spot is closing down for the season. Signs dawn the windows of many establishments thanking everyone for a wonderful 2016. They have already closed their doors and their staff have moved onto their winter destinations, as have many of ours. Carmen, Leonie, Rebecca, Geoff and Johanna, we hope you are all doing well and enjoying where you are now. Telegraph Cove misses you’re smiling faces and bright spirits.

We departed Telegraph Cove on board the Lukwa for the last time on October 2. It was, as always, an amazing adventure into the wildness of British Columbia! We are so gifted to be able to operate out of this marvellous area on the B.C. Coast. With Humpback Whale sightings everyday since May, our guests were lucky to be able to see these majestic giants on practically every trip! In fact, on one of our last tours we were able to identify 29 individuals. We’re pretty sure that’s a record breaker. Incredible!

The Northern Resident Orca returned to our area in mid-July and sightings were consistent until about the middle of September. We spent many wonderful moments listening to them vocalize, socialize and so much more. Steller Sea Lions bookended the season and the high predictability of Pacific Harbour Seals, Bald Eagles and Dall’s Porpoise were always fascinating to watch.

Northern Resident Orcas in a Resting Line. Photo Credit: Jennie Leaver

No wonder our staff pack up their lives and move to this remarkable location for up to four and a half months, or, that Captain Wayne has been doing this for 20 years. There is something truly spectacular about Telegraph Cove, the 40 mile radius of ocean just outside it and the stunning amount of marine life that make their home here.

In closing, we would like to say thank you! To our guests, who have been coming here from around the world for over 36 years. To our staff, who work tirelessly ensuring wonderful guest experiences, clean boats, an organized office and gift shop on top of so much more. During the winter months we will all return home. This office, which was built in 1928 will be torn down and rebuilt. The Cove, will be quiet as we say our final goodbyes to 2016 but rest assured in about six months from now, we will be back. Smiling and bright, excited and busy, our staff will be unpacking and preparing for another busy summer with Stubbs Island Whale Watching.

Naturalist Alison presents to a group on tour. Photo credit: Jennie Leaver
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