Testimonial Video
Stubbs Island Whale Watching

This project was a team effort that I spear headed while on contract with Stubbs Island Whale Watching in 2017. Our team was given direction to collect feedback from guests on their experience on tours. I gave instructions on guiding questions for guests and how to prep for the content collection. This video was filmed using an iPhone, Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000K and a Nikon DSLR 5500. All editing was done in Final Cut Pro and voice-over was written and recorded by me. 

My. Fit Promotional Video
Fitness For Freedom

This video was shot while working for Fitness For Freedom. It was for a subscription-based website for personal training and in-home exercise. The video was shot using a tripod, lapel mic, a Panasonic HD Camcorder and a basic light setup. In post-production, adjustments were made for exposure and sound quality as well as editing. Software: Adobe Premier. 

This Is Telegraph Cove Stubbs Island Whale Watching

This video was produced and edited by me for Stubbs Island Whale Watching social media channels. The voice-over was scripted and recorded by me. Edited in Final Cut Pro. It received over 30,000 views on Facebook and was watched for a combined total of approximately 3500 mins. It was then screened and distributed to travel and tourism outfits at the Rendevous Conference in Halifax of 2018. 

Tourism Vancouver Island Awards

This was a video using footage from the 20th-anniversary video featured to the left as well as additional material collected from the 2017 season. It was submitted to promote a nomination for Wayne Garton as Vancouver Island Tourism Employee of the Year. Wayne subsequently won the award and this video was played previous to his acceptance. Editing was completed in Final Cut Pro. Voice over was previously written and recorded by myself for the 2016 20th Anniversary Video.

Trainer Promotion - Fitness For Freedom

This is one example from a series of videos produced while working for Fitness For Freedom. The series was designed with the goal of giving clients a real feel for what their trainer was like and what style of training they could expect. All footage was shot and edited by me. Voice over was written by the Trainer and then recorder using a lapel mic and over layed in post production using Final Cut Pro.

Orcas in Johnstone Strait Stubbs Island Whale Watching

This video was filmed off the Northeast coast of Vancouver Island in September of 2017, while on contract for Stubbs Island Whale Watching. I shot the video from a 60-foot vessel with 46 tourists on board. It was filmed handheld with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000K and was edited and rendered in Final Cut Pro. 

Imagine The Adventure

This video was edited in Final Cut Pro and was made from content collected during the 2017 season by the team at Discovery Marine Safaris. I made selections on which videos were the best, edited them together, wrote the voice-over and selected the music. Then edited and rendered everything in Final Cut Pro X.  The goal in this video is to leave the viewer yearning to visit.

Captain Wayne - 20year Anniversary Tribute

This was my major project at the end of my first season at Stubbs Island Whale Watching. It was created in conjunction with my colleague Leonie Mahlke. We collected video greetings, pictures, testimonials and voice recordings from previous employees, members of the community and even in secret with a hidden mic from Wayne himself. This project took about 40 hours to complete. The footage was filmed by Leonie and myself, as well as submitted from people off-site. Voice over was written and recorded by me. Everything was edited together using Final Cut Pro.

The View From Our Crew

This was one episode out of an itnerview series that was intended to bring light to how incredible and diverse the region is that Stubbs Island Whale Watching operates out of. Staff members were asked to tell one of their most memorable moments. Filmed on location by me with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000K using a tripod. The opening sequence was edited together from previous footage and the music was from Post-production was completed in Final Cut Pro. This was done while on contract with Stubbs Island Whale Watching in 2017.