A 6-session personalized journey where I step inside your business—as a Creative Thinking Partner with fresh eyes and ideas—to help you find new audiences and improve your digital presence.

6 Sessions

We meet over 6 sessions where I work with you to develop new strategies and ideas that will help you build and connect with your audience.

I also shadow and support along the way so you are never in it alone.

1 on 1 Coaching

Think of me as a  temporary co-founder. I step in and invest myself as though I am an owner in your business.

You will always deal directly with me. No assistants or virtual answering services allowed.

Big Ideas = Brilliance

We dream big so we can achieve big things.

Let’s HYPE UP the amazing thing you’ve built.

Let’s Build Something As Amazing As You Are!

Are you settling for old ideas that are falling flat?

Feeling Frustrated?

Concerned Your Business is a DUD? (it’s not, you just need a new strategy)

I see this ALL the time!

My ‘Big Dreamer’ clients come to me with the same problems that you probably have:

You’re posting on social media but not sure why it’s not bringing in results.
Are you supposed to dedicate your life to becoming an Instagram Reels expert now?!

You’re so busy running your business that you don’t have time to come up with new ideas.
It would be nice to have some time to sit down and put together a plan, but summer is here and clients need you.

Being “creative” is not your thing.
You’re a business owner responsible for building and selling your product… who has time to sit around dreaming and coming up with stories, anyway?!

You are overwhelmed and out of ideas.
Social media, designing visuals and writing copy sounds so overwhelming that avoiding it feels a lot more fun.

You Don’t Need A Massive Overhaul

and you don’t have to do it alone

“Teamwork Makes The Dream Work”

Remember when you started your business? You had this beautiful vision of how you were going to make an impact. You were excited, fired up, and ready to take on any challenge. You felt like a kid again.

As your business grows, it should still be giving you that same exciting feeling you started out with. Overtime, if you’re not innovating and growing, you risk getting bored, maybe even giving up, but it does not have to be that way. You just need a few ideas to get you going again and keep you growing. You have a dream, it doesn’t need to die. 

Here’s the mistake most people make: they keep grinding away hoping to get recognized and have their business blow up.

In reality, you probably feel behind, undeserving of success, and like you’re building something unimportant. (You are most definitely not!)

What you need is not a massive overhaul, but a little push in the right direction. You already have something incredible, it just needs to be expressed in the right way.

Being an entrepreneur can be highly rewarding but also isolating and with Jennie, it felt like we had a
heartfelt & powerful ally.”

My partner and I hired Jennie to consult on our business whose promotions were lagging. It was such a relief, not only to have new strategies and ways of looking at how we convey our business to the public but to also have someone who seemed as invested in our life as we are, which I think is rare. Being an entrepreneur can be highly rewarding but also isolating and with her, it felt like we had a heartfelt & powerful ally. Jennie is insightful, productive, effective and unshakeable. With every challenge that came up she provided us a creative solution to pursue, which helped us understand our product better, our sales patterns & a more rewarding way forward. Thank you, Jennie!”


Our readership is up on both Facebook and Instagram, but we also see a big increase of traffic on our website.

“Jennie is very good at taking the pulse of the existing styles and adapting it without compromising your essence. She also helped us a lot by creating ad videos with snippets of images and videos, abilities we don’t have. Our readership is up on both Facebook and Instagram, but we also see a big increase of traffic on our website. We are also seeing registrations to our events increase, which is very exciting!”

MARTIN BEAUDOIN – Beaudoin Bodywork

I’m so thankful for Jennie and her expertise.

“Jennie Leaver has been instrumental in the development of my small business. I hired Jennie to help me promote my business and increase my clientele. She has given me tips and tricks on how to target the right audience, and how to generate interest. Her follow ups are also extremely helpful and keep me focused and on track. I’m so thankful for Jennie and her expertise.”

JODI THIBOUTOT – Owner of Studio J

6 Session Coaching & Consultation Package

We’ll work together 1:1 over 6 sessions through a coaching consulting program that ensures you not only have a marketing strategy that excites you and grows your business, but I will also benchmark and review your results so it’s not a one-hit-wonder but a repeatable process for your team.

90 minute on-boarding & Alignment call

During this call, I get to know you as the founder of your business. Why you started, your brand, your product/service. Then we unpack what you are looking to achieve and need help with. Where are you stuck and looking to build? This might be, revamping your website, improving your social media, building an email list, filling and enrolling a workshop.

Audit & Feedback Session

In between sessions I review your assets and brainstorm possible solutions based on the goal you are looking to achieve. Then we meet and I provide you the results of the audit and ideas on how we can build and hype up your business.

Fractional Visionary: I step in to lead a brainstorm that aligns and prepares the team.

This is a brainstorm session led by me with members of your team to build out our strategy and approach. I provide you and your team with guidance on how we will accomplish this, we set initial goals and outline how I will assist throughout the process.

Shadow work & Revision of assets

In between sessions 3 and 5, I support your team in the creation of your assets and provide unlimited feedback via email and/or project management software.  I make tweaks and recommendations along the way which can include; improvements to visuals, copywriting, website layout, email language etc. I also help you track your progress and assess your results. 

Benchmark Review & Reset/Realignment

We revisit the initial goals and approaches we outlined in sessions 2 and 3. We will check in to see if we achieved them or are on track to achieving them. We will also assess what is working and what needs tweaking.

At the end of this session, we will tweak your current goal/approach or set a new goal and outline a new stratgey.

Final Review & Long-Term Goal Setting

This session has two main components: 

  1. We revisit and review the goal we outlined in session 5.
    • Have we achieved it?
    • What worked?
    • What did not work?
    • How will we move forward from this point?
  2. We will also set a long-term plan and long-term goals for you to work towards following the completion of our sessions.

I offer ongoing shadowing, feedback, and review sessions at an additional cost.

Let’s Get Started!

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